Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Friday, 3 June 2016

1/48 Zaku II - Part 3

Time to do a bit of work on the torso, but with the way the kit is made there are very few parts for such a big kit & again only some painting will enhance the model.  The main upper torso is only 2 parts with polycaps & the shoulder joints added.  All that was needed was a bit of filler & sanding before my standard priming routine. All the waist torso consists of is 2 parts & a polycap.
1/48 Zaku II torso primed ready for top coat
I made an error with the side armour for the torso so it was given a sanding due to me getting a bit too vigorous with the scalpel blade when trimming off the nubs & then primed for later painting.

Side armour primed on 1/48 Zaku II
The shoulder joints are very basic with an inner piece fitted with polycap that sits inside 2 more polycaps.  To give a bit of detailing the inner pieces were primed then sprayed in Aluminium., when dry I put some masking tape over them, fitted them in place & then glued the 2 shoulder joints together. These were sanded filled & primed ready for the top coat.
completed & primed shoulder joint on Zaku II 

To make the elbow joint I used, like the knee, a normal way of modelling & not the way they show. Please check the way the poly caps fit at the bottom as I forgot & wondered why it would not go together at first. Like with knee part F10 was primed, painted in Dulaluminium before fitting then the finished unit primed & painted in the same colour.
1/48 Zaku II painted elbow joint
Not much work needed to make the lower arm as it’s just 2 pieces with polycaps, so it was glued, sanded then primed as usual.
Primed lower arm section on Zaku II