Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Thursday, 10 September 2015

1:12 Tamiya Porsche 910 :- 10- Front support bracing

While the back of the Porsche dries I did some work on battery & circuit breakers from section 11 ready to fit later. The battery was done in Black, matt aluminium (Humbrol 56) & the battery caps in matt cream (Humbrol 103) just to give it a bit of a highlight.

Painted battery & circuit board on Tamiya Porche 910

When it comes to the front bracing of the car I looked at the instructions to see I did not like the way they wanted it to be done.  I thought it would be easier to fit as a complete unit ready to mount instead of trying to get it all to fit bit by bit. I glues parts A1, A2 & B1 together then to keep them in place at the top the old favourite of spare wire twisted at the top does the trick.
Font bracing of Tamiya Porsche 910

To make sure the shape stays the same at the bottom I used a couple of pegs to keep them in the locating holes while it dried. The whole frame was sprayed in satin black & allowed to dry.
Holding front frame in place wile it sets on Porsche 910

When the whole frame was set I painted & glued in the master cylinders & the bottom of the reservoirs.
Brake cylinders fitted to frame on Porsche 910

The floor of the Porsche had the rest of the bracing moulded in, so to match the rest of the car I painted these in a satin black. To add a bit of detail I used some "Ammo Of Mig" interior wash (A.MIG-1003) on the moulded floor grill just to give it a bit of highlight.

Wash & dirt effects added to floor of Porsche 910

Next section to come is the wheels & front suspension...