Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Friday, 19 February 2016

1:12 Porsche 910 :- 15- Final assembly & decals

Homeward stretch now & the Porsche is nearly finished.

Time to do the final bits to the upper body.  The front section under the bonnet needs completed oil cooler fitted. The instructions show no pipe work going to it, so I drilled 2 small holes where the hoses should, in my view, come out & in the back of the cooler & by using a bit of scrap tubing made some pipes

The rear section of the body had the surrounds & lights fitted using clear glue as not to affect the red lens.

Now the oil cooler has set in place I masked off the inside of the front lights so I could spray them with Vallejo Black primer as it gives a nice satin effect.  Getting normal masking tape to go round small corners has been a problem for me until now.  I found some flexible masking tape that is only 2mm wide & more importantly stays in place. A couple of light coats are all it required.
The 4 headlights fronts have a small notch at the bottom, so please take note when gluing them in place as they will not sit correctly if not.
Using clear glue I fitted the lights & indicators then the top clear cover was fitted with a small amount of glue.
Honesty time here I made a right mess of the masks in the kit for the black surrounds to the windscreen in section 21, so had to mask it using the flexible tape & then spray it. The completed screen & dashboard were glued in place.

The reaming small parts for the front including the wipers were painted & put in position. 
When it came to the decal part I decided to use just a few of them as the kit was not an accurate representation of an actual car, but one that had been brought but still raced in classic races.  With the paint being a gloss the decals stuck to the surface very well & did not need any kind of extra softener or fixing agent.

The final stage was just to give the engine bay a slight touch of weathering to show the car was in use, but looked after.

There you have it & again my apologies in the time it took to do this blog & can guarantee the next one will not take as long.