Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Friday, 24 July 2015

1:12 Tamiya Porsche 910 :- 9- Rear suspension

Now the engine is in & dried it will be very easy for me to fit the pre made rear suspension parts I did back in part 7.

The first parts to go in were the drive shafts, these were fitted into the transmission. Just a very small amount of glue used just to join the 2 together. While these set I made the 2 parts of the rear shock absorber ( C23 & C24) in section 17 & sprayed them satin black.  When they were dry I fitted these together with all the other small parts in section 17 of the instructions in place & then the red rear springs went on the shockers.

Now comes section 18. PLEASE, please take your time & not too much pressure when fitting these parts as the locking hooks can snap very easily.

I found it best to connect the lower support brace (part F11) to the sub assembled rear uprights, then push both parts through the hole in the chassis, turn the chassis over to push the hooks into the fixing points on the rear bulkhead to start as it gave me the right amount of rigidity to the whole unit but still have enough room for it to move when connecting the rest.  Next was to slide the small shaft for the rear shockers (C25) into the glued rear shockers on the chassis & slide the drive shafts into the holes in the uprights.

I then gently pushed the fixing bar C26 onto the rear uprights & then the remaining 2 hooks on parts H15. Please see picture below that shows one of the hooks on H15 must go below the fixing hook on bar C26 for the suspension to sit right.

View of underside of fitted rear suspension on Porsche 910

All I then needed to do was glue the pin H20 through the link arm of part F6 & into the rear upright.

Side view of fitted rear suspension on Porsche 910

The rear suspension now works & ready for the wheels at a later stage.

Close up of completed rear suspension on Porsche 910

Friday, 10 July 2015

1:12 Tamiya Porsche 910 :- 8- Rear subframe & engine mounting

I've a good long look at the instructions on how the sequence goes for fitting the rear subframe, mounting the engine & rear suspension to make my life easier, so after a bit of thinking I worked out a different way that works for me & the way I want to paint the model.

In section 8 I made the rear space frame making sure parts G10 & F5 will move as this helps with fitting later.  In section 9 personally I cannot see how the rear subframe sides will sit on it's own in a stable position for either mounting the engine or for when they fit the rear bulkhead.  So just to start I fitted the painted lower links to the chassis, then fitted the engine mount to fix it in place.  To go with the colours of the interior frame I painted some of the support beams in satin black.

Painted rear subfarme & engine mount on Porsche 910

Before fitting the engine I dry fitted just the rear bulkhead in place & then glued the 2 side supports A7 & A8 to the back. After allowing it to set overnight I took it out & sprayed the whole unit satin black.

I glued the completed rear bulkhead in position then found it easy to mount the engine into the rear first & only needed a small amount of glue on the bottom mount & the fixing point on the rear bulkhead. The pre assembled space frame was glued onto the top of the rear framework & attached to the rear of the chassis.

Engine & subframe mounted in Porsche 910

Friday, 3 July 2015

1:12 Tamiya Porsche 910 :- 7- Rear suspension preparation

Now to do the rear suspension on the Porsche.  First job was to make up the 2 drive shafts in section 10, but from experience I have never seen joints chromed so I removed it, built the shafts then painted them in gun metal grey.

The rear uprights from section 18 were built up, the main body sprayed in satin black, then the link rods & nuts highlighted in oily steel then Gun Metal Grey to give a more realistic effect.  The lower link arms & damper links were painted in natural steel ( 70.864).

Painted rear suspension parts of Porche 910