Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Friday, 15 January 2016

1:12 Tamiya Porsche 910 :- 14- Body & interior work

As I am nearing completion of the Porsche though it time to do some preparation work on the top of the car.
I had a look at the way the roof section (part J12) fitted onto the rear section to see the gap was too large for my personal choice.  The best thing for me was to glue this in position then just give it a light sand so that the join was still visible but was secure.  I then fitted the rear engine cover (J7) under the air intakes.  I masked off the top of the body & sprayed the whole inside with the same Matt Tank grey (Humbrol 67) as the floorpan.

Painted underside to body on Tamiya Porsche 910

After a few days to make sure the paint was fully cured I masked off the inside areas & gave the whole upper body light coats of the blue used on the underside & giving it a very light sand between coats to remove any imperfections. After about 5 light coats I got the desired paint finish I was looking for.
Painted top body of Tamiya Porsche 910

To let the car paint totally cure & harden, which can take days under normal temperatures, I did some work on the pedals by giving them a light sanding  down to remove some flash marks. The pedals were painted black & the shafts in aluminium.

Painted pedals on Porsche 910

Seat & pedals fitted to floor of Porsche 910

The wheels I did in blog post No.11 were fitted with the wheel nuts left in the chrome to just give them a slight accent.

Front wheels fitted to Porsche 910Rear wheels fitted to Porsche 910

Now comes a part that even now I still don’t like… fitting large clear parts into models.  Somehow I cannot get the great finish & unblemished  ones seen in models done by my peers, so have to do my own work around. As this part should not be touched when I’ve finished the kit I used some canopy PVA glue in a small bead around the bulkhead, then held the clear plastic in place with soft ended pegs while it set.
Fitting rear glass to Porsche 910

This did set the plastic in place, but I can still some small sections where it looks like the glue hasn’t stuck it down fully.  Tips please required on how to get a better job done of clear parts J.