Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Models made by Airbrushheaven staff

Friday, 27 November 2015

1:12 Tamiya Porsche 910 :- 13- Seatbelts & bulkhead work

Time to do some more sub-assembly work & make the seatbelts in section 12 & 13.  

First job was to make the locking buckle that comes in 5 parts of small photo-etched metal.  I used a very fine set of sprue cutters to take the parts of the photo-etch frame & a light filing down where the remaining nub of metal still stood.  I found that the very thin superglue is the best for these kinds of parts & just built them up in order in the diagram.
The seatbelt straps are the usual kind Tamiya have with a plain sticky side & a fabric effect on the other.  Take your time & care when making the belts up as the straps are of different sizes & need to be folded in a particular way to look right. They will lose adhesion if you have to keep taking them apart & re-fixing them, so best to read the fitting guides well for each strap before you start.

I do find that even when carefully taken off the backing there are sometimes fine loose strands that need just a trim on the edges after making the belts.
Completed seatbelt straps for Tamiya Porsche 910

Both seats were sprayed with Satin Black primer then, when dry, the belts were folded over & a small amount of superglue on the back of the seat holds them in place. The completed seats were left on one side for later fitting.
Finished seat for Tamiya Porsche 910

 Still some final bits of work are needed on the rear bulkhead/engine area as in section 11 & 14 where I need to fit the battery & circuit breakers from way back in blog post No.10.  I fitted the battery & circuit breakers to the bulkhead, then fitted the 2 painted cylinders (C28) & the vinyl tubing that bends to fit behind the bulkhead.

The 2 tanks & the large rubber tubing in section 14 then fitted in behind the already pre-fitted bulkhead.
Fitted battery & circuit breakers to Tamiya Porchse 910